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7:37 a.m. - 2006-02-20
real and not
we talked about something ive always thought of but never mentioned to anyone. we talked about our need and reality of a non-reality. of another world which is almost a parallel universe but not quite. it can also be called a dream world. its the other side of the sock. its just there maybe inside of us. we have this love inside and we always seem to feel it towards someone or something we dont know or dont have in real life. it does and it doesnt exist at the same time. we feel this just as much as we would in real life. we know its real eventhough we cant figure out why or how. because we want to love we 'create' someone. or viceversa.. we 'create' someone so we can love. it is very strange but very true. we know this someone because we recognize this person in our dreams and sometimes real people remind us of this person. we feel that somehow someday someone in real life will be this person. but we also know there are not many odds of that happening. its tragic but it makes us full or happy, you can maybe call it happiness. i dont think there is a destiny but i think that sub-consciously we do everything for a reason. wether it be good or bad. right or wrong.

this makes me want to cry and i dont know if its good or bad. or both.


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