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9:20 p.m. - 2010-02-07
i hope no one but me reads this
ive been really sick for the last 4 days. today i finally feel like im going back to normal and im so thankful because tomorrow i have to start work again. the real reason why im writing right now is because last night i had the most wonderful and perfect dream of my life (that i remember) i dont think i couldve made it up more perfect. im not sure if i will be reading this in 5 years or i would have forgotten the guy im going to write about so i will add this just in case. ive had this really silly crush on one of my friend's brother. i think that should be enough background.. the dream was me my sister my friend and her brother driving around i dont know where to what and why but thats kind of how it started. (now im realizing that no matter how i write this it will seem so stupid and not special .. ahh i wish i could just remember it for a long time) then it was just cut to pieces where we are at their house which is in the mountains somewhere.. far. and kind of darkish. it was just beautiful. maybe a little cold. their house was huge and i dont know, just great eventhough i dont really like huge houses. then it was all of us watching some sort of ninja movie. ahhh i just remembered a part when we were driving and i said something like "i wouldnt have minded living my teenage years like the teenage mutant ninja turtles" i have no idea why i would say something like that but i remember very clearly saying it and that he liked it, somehow. back to watching the ninja movie (i just realized these two linked subjectsl, my god i am so stupid) well then i dont know how or why i was in a room where there was a big desk and he was in the computer, he was showing me something he was sitting down and i was standing up watchingm the screen, i dont know what happened but he looked at me and then looked back and held my hand but just the fingertips (it is hard to describe but so so sweet) i thinkthat was the best part of the dream no matter how lame that sounds. on another part i was walking into the house and he was going out and i said `hey` as in hi, and he turned around and started walking with me (whatever!) in another part we were in his room and i saw his bed which was really huge and i said wow, i could even live in it. then realized how lame that sounded and tried to fix it by saying i mean anyone can live in it... bleh.. then just laughed. in another part also in his room he was showing me some sort of experiment and we were sitting in the floor. then i had to close my eyes for some reason and i had to wait a long time so isaid if i could just tie something aroound my eyes since it was really tempting to just open them already. i dontknow if i tied something ornot but thats when he kissed me. in another part i was outside of the house and he said he would drive me somewhere so then we were in a car while he was driving around where the house was which was oh so breathtakingly beautiful, this was full of woods and mountains and tunnels. i just remember smiling and actually waking up smiling noticing it was dark and i was in my bed and i wasnt cold or hot and i was so comfortable it was just great that i just kept smiling until i fell asleep again.


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