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3:15 p.m. - 2004-10-08
and thats that.
yes, as you all probably have guessed i am at work at this precise moment.

and, yess yess i will now say the reason why i am updating the diary.

my day, was great. up until minutes ago. when i started to notice all the bad things of everyone and everything. everyone is annoying. and i had never noticed that as much as i do now. unbelievable.

and also, (now i will say the reason why i am pissed off)..

i dont want to work on weekends. (and i wont. ever. mark my words!) and someone told me that my supervisor said i should.
if i dont receive a valid reason. i am not coming.

i guess thats it. all you people (ok imaginary people in my head) deserve to have a wonderful day for reading this terrible entry.


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