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12:21 a.m. - 2010-11-06
listening to - all is full of love
these past days have been the hottest since i arrived to this city. it is hard to sleep at night, it is hard to sleep at all during any part of the day. and you know how much i love that. im not sure why i hadnt felt motivated to come and write here in so long but today, i just felt like. this month is when i turn 25. it is so strange to read entries from back when i was 19 and saying things would be much different when i turn 25, well guess what elisama from 6 years ago.. it is different but so much the same in many ways. i dont really even care that i will be "old". maybe i would care if i did look like i was 25 haha! but i dont even look 19 so no worries. yesterday i was talking with Pablo and it was really interesting how much we have changed and how little at the same time since we've known eachother (virtually) since we have never seen eachother in person. 7 years and we live in the same city now. strange things people. strange me most of all. in other things, when i finally get the job i wanted, it now sucks and some people are leaving it. this is not good news people but i cant do much about it. i. is still living with her bf. and i do miss seeing her from time to time, it is just not the same anymore. last week i bit my tongue on one side i dont know when or how but all week long i couldnt really talk and sounded like a retarded person over the phone, which is what i do all day at work so.. there you have it. thank god it is healed now. also, guess what, i was already forgetting to write this.. last week was my first week with weekdays off, yes, now i have to work weekends, yes, it sucks. but mostly because i have to get up really really early and at work they dont turn on the AC in the weekends. i really wanted to die. it was so hot i was feeling crazy. i actually did lay on the floor for a bit and it helped somewhat, it was weird after not doing that in so long. i want to do that in my room too but even the floor is hot, even just being in underwear is not good enough. now i am thirsty and dont feel like going down the stairs to get water. i am lazy, remember. anyway, last week we went to a friends house party as a farewell to two friends from work that are quitting (lucky they dont need to work..) it was cool. i drank half a beer can, and no i still dont like it.. it was so hot though that it felt good to drink it really cold. before i left i noticed someone had brought weed. it really disgusted me. the only thing i really liked about that party was saying goodbye to M. it didnt last long enough.


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