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10:41 a.m. - 2010-01-01
i like these lyrics
Oh, I love you! I wish you got the flu
So I could take care of you
Like you take care of me
I�m such a Florence, a real Florence Nightingale
I�ll fluff your pillows, I�ll buy you a Spiderman comic and read you
�til you fall asleep
Sleep on my shoulder! I won�t wake you even if
My back turns crooked and I have to walk with a limp for a week
I�ll make you soup and none of that kind that you get in a jar cause I
know you don�t like those

Oh, I love you! I wish you got the flu
You�re the cutest thing I�ve ever seen � like a teddy bear on heroin
Come, I�ll tuck you in tight and I�ll sing for you all night
All night

You can hold the remote, I won�t try to steal it
And the best cushion is yours and you can have your feet on me,
Even though I�m scared of feet and even though I had a hard day at work

Oh, I love you! I wish you got the flu
You can lay your weight on me and I�ll be your backbone
Lay your weight on me
You won�t have to worry


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