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6:50 p.m. - 2006-04-13
i was sleepy today. my parents left about 3 days ago with my little brother, so me and my sisters are home alone. sort of. i remembered to get candy for my little brother, i had forgotten he was not home. last night we went to eat fancy dinner with my aunt and some friends. i met up with r. i had not seen him in almost 2 years. i had a good time, i think i will go with my family there next time. i hope. it has been really really hot lately. the past years at this time of year it was cold or windy or even rainy. today felt like a really hot summer day. a little too much. we slept over at our aunts house last night, i kind of didnt want to because my grand-aunt? is living with my aunt. she is old and blind. and she is always moaning. apart from that. she is not just blind. she has a little eye and then a really big one on the other side thats closed but always moving. anyway, we did stay over and i think its the first time in ages me and my sisters sleep on the same bed. we slept around 4 hours and then woke up to go to work.. ittai was in a meeting at lunch time so i went out and ate with p. i think its the first time we eat only us. well, it was ok. he gave me and ittai some candy he brought from his trip to the capital. i dont think i like that candy because im not used to spicy food. but it was very nice of him so i said we wanted it. i wish i did like it. it is such nice candy you dont want to eat it! seeing him kind of makes my day. it doesnt bother me if i dont. but its really good when i do. i really want to go to spain already. i am concerned everything will be very different since we were last there. im sure id still want to stay there still. listen to yeah yeah yeahs. karen o. is my hero.


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