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11:31 p.m. - 2006-06-25
its june, we are halfway through the year
today was a reallly hot day. really really hot day. i cant find the nailclipper and that sucks. i ate some sort of chocolate puff cereal and its haunting my stomach right now. i got a new fake cow leather id case, its beautiful. i wish i would take more pictures with the new camera. i suck. a friend let me borrow a book and i have not had time to read it and i have to give it back tomorrow and i dont want to dissapoint her. i am a little worried that i am anti social. i have always been but the thing is i dont or cant get too attached to people and they take it the wrong way. i am not good at explaining those sort of things, i guess. i am also a little worried that my dad has resentment towards my little brother for no reason, he acts very mad for things that my brother does wrong and punishes him for very meaningless things. i dont agree with that. i think maybe i always have to find something to be worried about because that is the way i am. i am suppossed to be worried. i really want to kiss p.`s face. not his lips. his face. and his hair.


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