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10:54 p.m. - 2014-10-19
welcome back?
this feels really , unreal, in a way.
so many things on my mind, things that have happened, things that i feel and think. things that i cant say to anyone at the moment. i suddenly felt like writing them, somewhere. i remembered this diary and checked the link to see if it had been closed down. it's still here. i read a couple of entries. decided i wanted to write something new, after 4 years, a bit more.
noticed this was opened 10 years ago. so many, so many things have happened and changed since then. i like that my entries were short and it is somewhat bothering me that i know i cant make this one short. i will try to make it as short as i possibly can.
29 years old. im happy and healthy and a little scared. maybe not so happy, im not sure. i had a relationship with someone and had to end it after about 2 years (on and off). i cant talk to him, i decided it was best not to, at least for a while. but a part of me misses him, i think that part will always miss him. miss a part of him as well. i am with someone else now, he makes me happy. but it's going so fast i get scared sometimes. sometimes i dont think and just enjoy it. i know he is good. i know he cares. nobody is perfect, right? i'm sorry.


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