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5:37 p.m. - 2010-01-27
worst bus ride ever
today i took a bus ride home. i didnt have anything to listen to so i sat down, closed my eyes and just thought of random things. less than 5 minutes after i heard someone get in and say some things outloud, i didnt pay any attention to that. not long after i started hearing someone sing terribly bad. im not even exaggerating. to make it worse whoever that person was, was singing the type of songs i hate the most. anyway it was getting so bad that i tried to press my hands against my ears and concentrate on another song in my head or try to ignore the awful singing. i was sleepy so i got really frustrated when after finishing two songs another song followed. this person was obviously singing for money so i took all the change i had in my pockets and looked around, i saw this man standing up holding onto one of those metal bars and singing. i told him "could you please stop singing if i give you some money?" in other words "heres some money, please stop singing" so i gave him the money. then i turned back to my seat and guess what he keeps.. i was getting really annoyed. this other man got up and told me "leave him alone, he is trying here, if you dont like it just get off the bus" i told him something like "its not bad enough having to go through riding a bus to have to hear someone sing loud and awful all the way.. no thanks! if he needs money then he can go get a job" by this time almost everyone was looking at me with an awful face, the lady next to me said "i think if he could get a job he would" and i said "well he has arms and legs, i dont see why not.." and then just kind of ignored her, surely not even a minute after that the person that was singing goes to the front to start asking for money.. yeah, he was all deformed, and could hardly walk. yeah, i could feel all the angry looks on me and i could also hear people saying how rude i was, and things like that. i felt really horrible the rest of the way to say the least.


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