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10:59 p.m. - 2010-02-15
i snore
my dad took my laptop and he is out of town so i havent had a chance to write anything here. it is really strange how many little interesting thing can happen but theres no one to tell them to and you eventually forget. i guess thats just life. the other day i went with some friends to walk around. well they werent really my friends there were all friends of a friend. i felt so out of place and boring. i am just not a people person i supposse. ive been listening to charlotte gainsbourg. ive got a new badge at work with the new picture, it is weird. but not as hateable as all of the other badges ive had in my work life time. my dad is back on thursday so most likely i will start writing again then. ive been sleeping in my parents bed and its good as long as i fall asleep before my mom starts snoring or as long as i dont wake up in the middle of the night. this happened last night and i was really frustrated. i snore too so that is not good news at all. :(


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