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10:29 p.m. - 2010-01-17
im not sure if i can describe how last night was. ill try. basically everything that happened was unplanned, i liked that. we went to play and then walked around and got inside this scene-y hangout place. our 17 year old brother went and with some help of someone else's id got in. the place was wahat you would expect, dark, stinky and packed to the top. but it was cool nonetheless, saw several people from my old job which was kind of weird. all they put on the tv was SG which was very just overall boring and gross. the place looked a lot bigger and crowded thanks to a mirror on one of the walls. i didnt drink anything, wasnt gonna just because. so whatever. i liked it only because of the people hanging out with us. pretty much funny most of the time. it was freezing (literally) cold outside. my feet really hurt because they were so cold. inside it was hot though because like i said it was small and crowded. other than that and having a lot of interesting dreams that night there is nothing much that can be said except, what a night.


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