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10:42 p.m. - 2010-02-20
i know 3 girls. sisters, who remind me so much of the fairy tale "cinderella". just a little different... there are two twins, who are, really really pretty. and the other sister that although she is older, she looks much younger. the twins' names start with K, and the other sister's name is Aura (i think thats a beautiful name by the way). Aura, you could say she is a "special" kind of girl. she has some mental condition, the name i do not know. I said they remind me of cinderella because i am sure if there ever existed some sort of glasses to see people how they really are inside, you would see the twins as these really ugly and dumb girls and their sister as this really beautiful smart girl. the bottom line is, i wish people would see more of the inside and not so much of the outside. because there are no such glasses, and there never will be, but if we want, we can still see people as how they are in their heart and mind. we just choose not to.


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