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6:51 p.m. - 2010-01-26
changed my mind
yesterday me and my sister went to see karen o sing and dance and throw a really good show. before going we saw the movie 500 days of summer that a friend lent me and it put me on a good mood. on the way there it was windy and warm and just overall great. just perfect. at first it was really boring with the opening band being pretty horrible, trying too hard to be excentric or crazy. we had to sit like two rows behind our friends so that wasnt great either. when the opening band was done and it finally started.. it was great, im sure i had never jumped and danced and clapped so much, i wish they had played hysteric and im not sure if they played turn into anymore.. either way i had a lot of fun.. yeah. the ride back was great i just cant put it into words and do it justice. it also made me realize how people really surprise you sometimes while others dissapoint you. well.. anyway, my laptop is dying i think, everyday its slower and slower and, i can just feel it. please dont die. you're ugly and old but i love you too ridiculously much.


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