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05:03 p.m. - 2010-05-11
bad things
i am so tired right now. i dont feel well either. had to come home in bus from work.. not good. not good at all. i hate the smell the heat and the time it takes to actually get where you want, but, since i hadnt taken it in such a long time, i cant really complain. something else.. lately the bathroom at work has been smelling a lot like the bug spray they sell for killing roaches, im afraid one will appear one of these days. today i was this close (you can picture it) to telling the guy that sits in front of me at work to stop burping. i think he does it like every 5 minutes. i dont know what i feel more, if grossed out or angry whenever i hear it.. these things they make me cringe. i can not stand it. i hope i am angry enough one day to actually say it because ive been holding it in for so long. what else.. today is not as hot so im going to take a nap now and hopefully i can sleep better. i am such a boring person (and i dont mean it like fake modest so people can say "no you're not", no, i really am!).


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