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10:53 p.m. - 2010-05-13
rambling is what i do best
ive been seeing ads in almost every site that say "how will your baby look like?" or "will your kid be ugly?" or "click here to make your baby".. really, what is wrong with people? sometimes their stupidity is beyond my understanding.. // in other subjects.. yesterday i started reading again. i used to read all the time, i dont know what happened to me. i got lazy everytime it meant a book and not wikipedia. the other day we went to the store to buy a present for a friend who is going to get married. i saw this scented oil bottle made of broken colored glass. it was beautiful. i wouldnt have minded if the "scented oil" stank, that bottle is precious. it actually smelled just as good as it looked. i will have to buy it some day! .. i just squished and killed an ant with my finger. it was strange to see it in my desk. sorry ant! wrong place at the wrong time.


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