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9:11 p.m. - 2010-02-22
annoyed with myself. dont read.
it is very strange that i get headaches, yesterday i got a bad one through out the latter part of the day and although it left me alone to go to sleep this morning at work guess who was back? yess, the dreaded headache, this time accompanied by pain in my right ear. it was more of a "pain" because thats where i use my headset, it was really strange to have it on my left ear today and kind of depressing too because i really had to lower the volume once i switched, that can only mean one thing, my right ear is going deaf?.. ive been feeling really tired today and as usual i havent done much a part from laying in my bed listening to music and watching-reading photo blogs. i know, i wont even try to hide how pathetic i have become. i have been also in a not so great mood today trying to figure out what i feel like listening, music-wise, and i can not for the life of me figure it out. very very frustrating, i keep playing some band thinking.. ahh i think thats just what i needed to hear but.. no, big dissapointment.. next.. next.. arrrrgh. ive also been feeling without energy lately, i was so excited a couple of months ago when i got some adidas running shoes online to do exercise but again, guess what, when they finally arrived it turns out they are a "smaller" size 7, what the hell (i had them stretched by they are still tight, at least not exercise approved!). this is the second time i get really excited by getting really cool shoes, last time with some really nice puma boots. i dont think i will be getting more shoes online for a while. i think i will need to start taking vitamins and start some sort of healthy hobbie, anything creative and interesting that is not using the laptop and if possible get more fresh air. i feel tired now and its 9 p.m. i am sure that if i go to sleep now, i will feel the same or even more tired when i get up to work tomorrow. at least, i asked for wednesday and thursday of this week off so, that is really really good for me. ahh.. listening to pictures of you by the cure now, i think that feels about right.


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